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CES 2019: Clients In The News

A quick sampling of client media coverage

Well we survived another CES and so did our clients. Congratulations! Besides the flu, we had a chance to show off some products, predict the future and laugh a lot. Our clients Astrocast, CareOS and Seraphin can tell you all the details. We'll just focus on the PR. And in another post I will discuss CES messaging. This year, finding that right message was key to our success.

Seraphin/Associated Press - Gadgets to help unplug unveiled at CES tech show

Astrocast/ZDNET - CES 2019: Astrocast Starts Pilot Phase of IOT NanoSatellite Network

CareOS/MacRumors - Cool Stuff from CES Unveiled and Samsung (CES 2019 Day 1)

Astrocast/TechRepublic - Nanosats at CES 2019: How Astrocast plans to provide IoT connectivity from space

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